The Math and AI conference will be held online on March 9th, 2021, from 2 to 9pm.

13:45-14:00: Welcome
14:00-14:15: Opening  
14:15-15:00: Self-supervised learning and uncertainty representation, by Yann Le Cun (Facebook)
15:00-15:45: Convex and non-convex optimization for machine learning, by Francis Bach (Inria)
15:45-16:00: Break
16:00-16:30: Mathematics is everything: From a research lab to a newsroom, by Aurélie Jean (In Silico Veritas)
16:30-17:30: Round table (in French) animated by Stéphane Mallat (Collège de France), with Yannig Goude (EDF), Jakob Hoydis (Nokia), Patrick Perez (Valeo), Sophie Proust (Atos), Liva Ralaivola (Criteo) and Gilles Wainrib (Owkin)
17:30-18:00: Computing with Light, by Igor Carron (LightOn)
18:00-18:45: The Decision-Making Side of Machine Learning: Computational, Inferential and Economic Perspectives, by Michael Jordan (Berkeley)
18:45-19:15: Break 
19:15-20:00: Topological insights in machine learning, by Kathryn Hess (EPFL)
20:00-20:45: The centrality of statistical reasoning in a data rich era, by Emmanuel Candès (Stanford)

More information and registration (mandatory) on the website.