FAROS is the abbreviation for Functionally Accurate RObotic Surgery. This project aims at enhancing functional accuracy by embedding physical intelligence in surgical robotics. The functional accuracy is the degree to which the functional outcome of the surgery conforms to the expected value for a successful and complication-free operation.

Five institutes conduct this project - Sorbonne University and SpineGuard from France, KU Leuven from Belgium, King's College London from the United Kingdom, and the University of Zurich from Switzerland. Each institute is responsible for a part of the project. For instance, Sorbonne University works on developing novel algorithms for low-level control of the robotic system, and SpineGuard develops original and intelligent instruments.

Integration week is when all the partner institutes meet to unite the research and development conducted at their institutes in a single platform. Therefore, the program consists of scientific sessions for presenting their results, tutorial sessions for sharing know-how, technical sessions for testing the developed software and hardware, and experimental sessions. The following integration week will take place in the Scai building, Sorbonne University, Paris, from Oct. 18th – 22nd.

Program here.