This event is part of the program The Numok 2023 festival in the colors of eSport

With Nathanaël Jarrassé, researcher at the Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics at Sorbonne University.

How robotics questions the body of athletes.

Sports practices provide a spectacular testing ground for robotics associated with the human body. Equipped with mechanical assistance, bodies with a limb amputated can now regain control of many movements thanks to prostheses manufactured in the laboratory for a tailor-made application. Are the diminished bodies thereby "augmented" as it is easily said?

In the shadow of the figures of Frankenstein or the cyborg that populate our imaginations, scientific research has made such progress that the regular participation in competitions of athletes equipped with these prostheses created for their use, such as the Cybathlon, question many events, like an Oscar Pistorius in athletics.

Far from fantasies, what horizons have researchers opened up with their formidable machines? Considered in this light, are forms of robotic doping proven?

Nothing better than going around these burning questions with Nathanaël Jarrassé, French specialist in robotics applied to sports bodies. Conference moderated by Pascal Ferry, head of the Václav Havel library.

Change of date : April 7th instead of 6th.