LFI / TRAIL seminar on February 15, 2024, at 10 a.m.:
“Contributions to Explainable Artificial Intelligence: Development of ExpressIF® in the Service of Industry and Science” by Jean-Philippe Poli (CEA List, Saclay).

Summary: Today, companies, hospitals and research laboratories must make complex decisions quickly, in particular because of the heterogeneity and quality of the information and data they have. For around fifteen years, we have been offering to support these stakeholders in their decision-making with our ExpressIF® tool, which is a symbolic artificial intelligence based on fuzzy logic. Our work contributes to offering explainable artificial intelligence, capable of reasoning, learning and justifying its decisions while keeping humans at the center of these decisions.

Bio: Jean-Philippe Poli is a researcher (HDR) at CEA List, in Saclay. Arriving as a post-doctoral fellow, he developed ExpressIF®, a tool based on fuzzy inference, which he applied to security projects. Today, he is responsible for the ExpressIF® research team which continues research and development around this software which is transferred to industrial partners or other laboratories. He is also a teacher at CentraleSupélec and provides AI acculturation training with large groups and in materials science training.

Seminar location: Room n°405, corridor 24-25, 4th floor (access via tower 24), LIP6, Sorbonne University, Pierre and Marie Curie Campus, 4 place Jussieu, 75005 Paris
Zoom link: (available here the morning of the seminar)

This seminar is organized jointly with the French Chapter of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society