On-line seminars in artificial intelligence and oncology at Sorbonne University. 

The SCAI (Sorbonne Center for Artificial Intelligence), the IUC (Institut Universitaire de Cancérologie du groupe hospitalier AP-HP.Sorbonne Université) and the SiRIC Curamus are co-organizing a series of seminars on artificial intelligence in oncology starting in September.

These seminars will be held entirely online from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm once a month (in French). Find all seminars here.

June 29:
Diagnosing acute myeloblastic leukemia with next generation imaging, François Delhommeau (SU-APHP), Jacques Klossa (Tribvn) & Isabelle Bloch (SU)


ID de réunion : 874 4381 0564