The publication by the European Commission on April 21, 2021 of a Proposal for a Regulation on Artificial Intelligence marks the transition from the era of ethics to the era of legal regulation of AI systems. The preparation of a binding legal instrument in the framework of the Council of Europe further confirms that AI is at the center of attention of European legislators. This multidisciplinary study day aims to present and discuss these proposed regulations, their articulation with existing legal rules (liability, personal data) and their gaps. Finally, several AI use cases (facial recognition, health, finance, work, etc.) will be the subject of particular attention. 

The event will be held in French - Online

Lien de la visioconférence :

Scientific Committee: 
- Alexandra Bensamoun, Professor of Private Law, University of Paris-Saclay/Evry
- Vincent Bouhier, Lecturer in public law, Dean of the Faculty of Law of Evry, University Paris-Saclay/Evry
- Arnaud Latil, Senior Lecturer HDR in private law, Sorbonne University


​​9:00   Welcoming speech

9:20 Keynote speaker

Les enjeux stratégiques du TALN pour l’écosystème public : entre transformation numérique, soutien à l’innovation et régulation de l’IA à haut risque, with Renaud Vedel, Prefect, Coordinator of the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence

9h45   Law and legal practice


11h15   Regulatory models for AI


14h  Articulation with existing rules

15h15   Use cases in debate (1)


16h40   Use cases in debate (2)


Scientific Committee: