Post-doctoral researcher in marine data analysis and machine learning

Application Deadline : 23 February 2023


The post-doctoral researcher will join the PROTEO team of the LOCEAN laboratory to work within the European project NECCTON ( on the link between physics, biogeochemistry, and diversity of marine zooplankton. The NECCTON project aims to improve the models and products provided by the Copernicus European Marine Service (CMEMS), in order to deliver products that inform marine biodiversity conservation and marine resource management. For this, NECCTON combines innovative models of ocean ecosystems and new types of data.
More specifically, the post-doctoral researcher will study the spatial distribution of zooplankton diversity. Using machine learning algorithms (random forest, neural network, multi-layer perceptron), the post-doctoral researcher will exploit the available high-throughput zooplankton sequencing datasets (metabarcoding, but also metagenomics) and quantitative imagery data (Zooscan, UVP) to predict the distribution of the taxonomic and functional diversity of zooplankton from the outputs of the physical and low trophic level models of the Copernicus European Marine Service (CMEMS).

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