Paris Center for Microbiome Medicine (PaCeMM) FHU, coordinated by Harry Sokol, MD, PhD, is a multi-diseases consortium of several expert complementary teams in Ile-de-France who are already deeply involved in gut microbiome. The general objective of the PaCeMM FHU is to turn the gut-microbiome-related science into new tools for medicine by :

This consortium puts together the best specialists in the field of gut microbiome, mainly involved in 3 medical areas: hepato-gastroenterology, cancerology-hematology and cardio-metabloism and inflammation, with a unique perspective to translate microbiome science to industry, physicians and finally to patients.
The strength of PaCeMM FHU is the association of several AP-HP medical, biological and pharmacy departments with recognized French institutions - INSERM, CEA, INRAE - and universities affiliated research laboratories as well as the participation of SCAI team for its expertise on statistical and mathematical modeling and the clinical research platform including a bio-banking.