The Iconography/organology research team at UMR IReMUS, Sorbonne University, is recruiting a postdoctoral researcher. Position to be filled as soon as possible.

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Presentation of the structure

Part of the Iconography/organology research team at UMR IReMUS, the Musiconis research program, directed by Frédéric BILLIET, is devoted to the study of representations of sound and music in the Middle Ages. Focusing on the periods from the 8th to the 16th century, this catalogographic and iconographic project currently offers the largest trilingual database detailing musical performances represented in various medieval media.
It has two major axes:

  1. The development of a meta-base of medieval images linked to music and the development of technological tools for putting this data online and sharing it.
  2. The creation of theoretical tools to design an innovative indexing model, centered on the audible data of images, in order to stimulate interdisciplinary research on the figuration of sound.

The heart of the research revolves around the “sound of the image”. It explores how musical sound is visually evoked, whether through mathematical proportions, material choices or depicted gestures. The objective is to decipher these "soundscapes" to understand their meaning and their interaction within their respective contexts.

Project description

As part of the scientific development of Musiconis and the experiments in digital humanities carried out by the team, the postdoctoral researcher will be responsible for scientifically editing the current database (updating entries, adding entries, iconographic and organological descriptions). She or he will also be responsible for building several datasets dedicated to training computer vision models, in particular via the creation of synthetic images.
The aim is to give a major boost to this unique base in the world thanks to digital humanities, musicology and AI.

General informations

Location: Pierre and Marie Curie Campus of Sorbonne University
Contract: fixed term of 12 months with possibility of extension
Expected date of employment: as soon as possible
Work quota: full time
Desired experience: 1 to 3 years
Salary according to experience
Main interlocutors: