Sorbonne Université, a world-class multidisciplinary university, and the École Navale, responsible for the initial training of officers of the French Navy, have signed a partnership agreement whose objective is to support a new ambition to promote the maritime fact through training and research, as well as event and cultural operations. Find the press release here.

In the field of education, Scai organizes with the Ecole Navale a week of immersion in artificial intelligence, from May 9 to 14, 2022.

Here is the agenda:

Monday 9th

Introduction and overview of AI, Gérard Biau (Sorbonne Université)     
Deep learning - theoretical foundations, Erwan Scornet (Ecole Polytechnique) 

Introduction to "R" - AIS data 1/2 - Olivier Lopez (Sorbonne University) and Maud Thomas (Sorbonne Université) - Presentation of AIS data Cyril Ray (EN)

Tuesday 10th

Maritime Geoint, Philippe Boulanger (Sorbonne Université) and J.-M. Kowalski (École Navale)

Introduction to "R" - AIS data 2/2 - Olivier Lopez (Sorbonne Université) & Maud Thomas (Sorbonne Université) 

Wednesday 11th

Maritime and aerial drones, Pascal Morin (Sorbonne Université) & José Luis Vilchis Medina (École Navale)

Restitution "R" - AIS data - oral by group - Cyril Ray (EN)

Thursday 13th

Maritime vision and imagery by satellite, Anastase Charantonis (Sorbonne Université / ESIEE)

Hands-on Drone n°1 - José Luis Vilchis Medina (École Navale)

Friday 14 

Machine learning for correction, augmentation and reduction of mechanistic models, Paola Cinnella & Jean-Christophe Loiseau (ENSAM)

Hands-on Drone n°2 - José Luis Vilchis Medina (École Navale)