Updated May 20, 2020

During the pre-selection phase of the program, we received 71 proposals from 33 labs and 14 Doctoral Schools, which shows the dynamism of our university and the members of the Alliance Sorbonne University in the field of Artificial Intelligence. At the end of this first phase, 25 projects were selected. An audition is scheduled on June 2nd for the final selection of the projects. We would like to thank all the proposers for their commitment during this particularly difficult period.

The list of selected projects will be published at this address:




Updated May 12, 2020

After the first phase of the programme, we received 70 proposals from the three faculties of Sorbonne University, MNHN and UTC. 14 doctoral schools are represented and more than 30 research units.

The jury is currently evaluating the research projects and the results of the first phase will be known soon.

For the selected projects, one day of interviews is scheduled for June 2nd. Candidates will be informed individually of the arrangements for these interviews.




In order to reinforce the impact of Sorbonne University's AI, SCAI is offering this year a call for doctoral projects.

It will enable the recruitment of doctoral students who will join the doctoral program hosted by SCAI from the start of the 2020 academic year. 

The doctoral contracts will support research projects in the field of artificial intelligence in the broadest sense, particularly in the fields of mathematics, computer science, robotics, medicine/health, climate, environment, the universe and digital humanities. Particular attention will be paid to collaborative projects involving a thesis supervisor and a co-supervisor of complementary AI disciplines (fundamental aspects and applications).


Call schedule

February 2020: Opening of the call
March 22, 2020: Deadline for sending doctoral project proposals to doctoral schools and to the address progdoc-scai@listes.upmc.fr
April 17, 2020: Announcement of the results of the pre-selection phase of the files 
April 20 - May 15, 2020: Pre-selected topics will be posted on the doctoral school websites and on the SCAI website. Selection of students by future thesis supervisors
End of May 2020: Hearing of the candidates
Early June 2020 : Announcement of the results of the selection phase