The research project described in this offer is part of the strategic partnership between Sorbonne University and the BnF, which brings together in this specific context the expertise of the MLIA team from ISIR at the BnF in order to develop joint research work on the subject of recommender systems.

This project consists of working on access to information in the Gallica library, from the point of view of machine and deep learning techniques. The research axes concern (1) the analysis and indexing of textual documents as well as (2) the analysis of user traces and (3) recommendation systems. We will focus in particular on multimodal techniques that allow to contextualize a document or a request from user interactions.

Title: Postdoctoral researcher in artificial intelligence and natural language processing (SCAI/BnF research program)
Body: Postdoctoral contract (12 months, renewable)
Attachment: UMR 7222 ISIR
Keywords: machine learning, explainability, databases, computer science, applied mathematics, statistics, natural language processing, recommendation

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