Hugolin Bergier (Regis University) is leading a research study as part of the international project InterPARES Trust AI which aims to design Artificial Intelligence to support the ongoing availability and accessibility of public records.

The goal of our project is to add to the current ontology of archival records an AI capability focusing on cognition and logical reasoning. More specifically, our approach is to develop and leverage an intensional logic of objects to emulate more faithfully the natural mode of reasoning in the context of an archival query. With this capability, navigating through an overwhelming quantity of public records will become easier and more intuitive. The project involves both a theoretical and applied component. The theoretical part lies at the crossroad of logic, mathematics, linguistics and computer science. The application consists in designing and implementing a prototype of the AI capability. In this context, Hugolin Bergier is joining the Sorbonne Center for Artificial Intelligence (SCAI) in Paris as a visiting scholar. Key collaborators of the project include Ken Thibodeau (InterPARES), Florence Clavaud (Archives Nationales de France, ICA/EGAD, École National des Chartres/Centre Jean Mabillon), Édouard Vasseur (École National des Chartres/Centre Jean Mabillon), Jean-Pierre Desclés (Sorbonne Université), Motasem Alrahabi (SCAI/OBTIC), Pierluigi Feliciati (University of Macerata) and Joe Tennis (University of Washington).