The transformations linked to digital technology are technical, but also epistemological, cognitive and finally social, economic and political. Within the framework of this doctoral research project, Instagram is the main field to apprehend Artificial Intelligence with a problematic angle questioning the calculated textualization of social practices by the digital device. To what extent does the digital device as it is conceived on Instagram to host text and image participate in a calculated textualization of the captured practices? The ambivalence of an algorithmic operation rests on a compilation logic and on a data collection design. It is the foundation of the textualization process. of formatting which conditions the structure of the statements, frames the linguistic and iconic possibilities of expression. Textualization is put into signs and the realization of a signifying system. Within this framework, constrained and open, the practices captured are related and oriented by the users. This textualization is the result of an editorial will, the condition of a media value, symbolic and economic. This textualization of social practices involves users in the "digital labor". The first part of the research will question the stakes and modalities of a rhetoric of data, which constitutes the audience. The second will be oriented towards the media and aesthetic overdetermination of the system. The doctoral program offers a very favorable context to immerse oneself in the computer and algorithmic logics of the designers and to put into practice the close links between the reciprocal contributions of IA and SIC.