From November 26 to 28, 2021, as part of the Festives de Sorbonne Université, Scai has launched its CREATE.AI project: a reflection on the future of art-science mediation from the perspective of artificial intelligence. Artists (from various disciplines such as music, voice, dance, photography, design or theater) and scientists - specialists in artificial intelligence - met either to give birth to new projects, or to continue and enrich the reflection and/or the implementation of a project already initiated.

Zoé Aegerter & Clotilde Chevet, are one of them.


Both a black box and an imitation game, conversational interfaces (chatbots or voice assistants) seem to keep their users at a distance, in a blurred zone that does not always allow them to understand their role in the functioning of the system, nor the way their data is used. These emerging language technologies disrupt our relationship to reading and writing. It seemed necessary to think about their cohabitation with children, those who are learning literacy today, and who will be required to evolve and make tomorrow's literacy evolve. What is writing and reading in the age of "talking machines"? "Who" is this voice that speaks to me? Where does it come from?

➔ To answer these questions, the project "A Thousand and One Voices - Making the Bestio-robot" offers elementary and middle school students the opportunity to enter the black box of a conversational agent.

Discover the full project here.