From November 26 to 28, during the Festives of Sorbonne Université, Scai will launch its CREATE.AI project: a reflection on the future of art-science mediation through the lens of artificial intelligence. The artists (from various disciplines such as singing, dancing, photography or theater) and scientists invited will participate in workshops by group on a principle quite similar to the Hackathon: 1 - exchanges/exploration of an idea - 2 - creation/production - 3 - exhibition/demonstration. 

These workshops will take place at Scai on November 26 and 27. The restitution open to the public will take place on Sunday, November 28 from 1pm to 6pm!

On Sunday, November 28, the artists and scientists of the CREATE.AI project are waiting for you for new EXHIBITIONS and PERFORMANCES.

Program: (disponible en français ici)

2pm - Performance of Bam ! Charge, augmented with artificial intelligence. 

A collaboration of Mairi Pardalaki, choreographer, José Miguel Fernandez, composer and physicists of the PLAS@PAR Federation: Emily Lamour, Marie D'angelo - INSP, Caterina Riconda and Paula Kleij - LULI & Grégory Page, language teacher at Sorbonne Université.

Location: Scai (Esclangon building)

3pm - Restitution of the workshop Improvisation and AI & Concert of medieval music

Explanation of the process of musical creation integrating AI with Frédéric Billiet (Iremus) & the Ensemble SINE~CUM: Valérie Le Page, Raphaëlle Soumagnas. Concert of medieval music given by the Ensemble Rue des Chantres

Location: Amphitheatre 44 on the Pierre and Marie Curie Campus 

=> Accessible without registration, all public is welcome.

In 2019, Erwan Picquet, Vincent Pislar and Christian Ploix, founded the variable-geometry ensemble Rue des Chantres, named after a street on the Ile de la Cité located a whisper away from Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. Having been themselves singers at Notre-Dame, their goal is to make heard the songs which during history resounded in the cathedral, in particular the polyphonies known as the School of Notre-Dame which spread in the great Gothic cathedrals of Europe in the 13th century. In the elaboration of their programs, they go back to the sources and immerse themselves in the reading of the musical manuscripts of the Middle Ages patiently copied by the monks. The concert also features songs with improvised parts according to medieval rules that are of particular interest to AI research.

Continuously from 1pm to 6pm, you will find :

Also at Scai, will be exhibited:

We would like to thank all the participants in this project, including the teachers-researchers, researchers and doctoral students for their interventions and the contribution of their expertise in artificial intelligence during the workshops of Friday, November 26, including Pierre Marion, Adeline Fermanian, Nicolas Obin, Jérôme Nika & Ugo Tanielia.