Under the supervision of the DFVE Director, the Sorbonne.AI Manager collaborates closely with the SCAI Director and Deputy Director. Their primary role is to coordinate and execute the action plan, aligning it with Sorbonne.AI project goals. This involves interaction with various departments, including all Bachelor and Master training divisions, and working with project partners Datacraft and Openclassroom, as well as relevant services at Sorbonne University.

The SORBONNE.AI programme aims to offer a comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) training program that covers both undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as a comprehensive continuing education program. The goal is to educate over 9,000 students in AI within a period of five years, which represents a ten-fold increase in the current numbers. This project is closely aligned with the national AI strategy and France 2030 goals, and is expected to have a significant impact on the Sorbonne University, as well as benefiting the entire French AI community.