An initiative to offer AI training programs for undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as a continuing education program.

Increase the number of students at the Bachelor's and Master's levels by offering a coherent set of training courses

Create a Professional Certificate in AI that is open to all Sorbonne Université students

Triple the number continuing education courses offered

Provide training courses that are accessible to people from all backgrounds

The SORBONNE.AI initiative aims to offer a comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) training program that covers both undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as a comprehensive continuing education program. The goal is to educate over 9,000 students in AI within a period of five years, which represents a ten-fold increase in the current numbers. This project is closely aligned with the national AI strategy and France 2030 goals, and is expected to have a significant impact on the Sorbonne University, as well as benefiting the entire French AI community.

Our team

To ensure the successful implementation of these four initiatives starting from September 2022, the university is looking to recruit several highly qualified teachers. These new hires will bolster already established and globally recognized departments, particularly in mathematics and computer science.

Alasdair NEWSON

Alasdair NEWSON

Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique
Christophe DENIS

Christophe DENIS

Laboratoire de Probabilités, Statistique et Modélisation
Emmanuel ZARPAS

Emmanuel ZARPAS

Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris 6 & SAP


Laboratoire de Probabilités, Statistique et Modélisation




LPSM, EDF Lab Paris Saclay


Ariane Group

Our partners

Established in 2013, OpenClassrooms is one of the largest global education-to-employment platform providers, with 355,000 students across 140 countries, thousands of full-time diploma students, and hundreds of corporate customers.

OpenClassrooms is a private, B-Corp-certified distance-learning organisation registered with the Board of Education in Paris (France), and accredited by the French Ministry of Labour's agency France Compétences.

OpenClassrooms’ role in SORBONNE.AI is to give access to +50 online modular training courses on AI & Machine Learning to 5 000 Sorbonne University students.

Datacraft enables an exchange of best practices between data experts. It is a unique club model, designed to allow data scientists/data engineers to learn from their peers and to allow companies to accelerate their AI/data projects.

The first datacraft Club opened in Paris in February 2020. It gathers 26 large public and private companies and more than 600 data experts researchers and freelancers in residence.

Datacraft brings a unique approach to learning with its weekly workshops: datacraft workshops are very practical ways to share good practices, starting from a data set presented by a member company, together with an associated model and an issue to solve. datacraft has also developed innovative acculturation tools, such as a digital escape game which allows non-experts to understand while playing as a team what a data project is.

Modular training for AI exploration

The university is developing an extensive modular online training program for students from all three faculties to investigate AI. This program is open to students from the first year to the doctoral level, and is aimed at obtaining a professional certificate of competence in AI. The university is partnering with Openclassrooms to benefit from their expertise in online course development and their existing portfolio of training courses.
To participate in this training, you can visit the dedicated platform (link below) and register to receive an Openclassrooms licence.

Undergraduates & master's

The objective of the university is to enhance education from the first year of a Bachelor's degree to a Master's degree, forming a seamless flow of AI studies. This will be achieved by introducing new courses in the first year of a Bachelor's degree, a new mathematics course, and a new minor program that will allow students from different scientific disciplines to learn the basics of data science and AI.

List of courses

Starting from September 2023, the university will be launching a minor program in data sciences, which will be open to students from all other Bachelor's programs offered by the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering. The Data Science & AI minor is a cross-disciplinary minor dedicated to acquiring the necessary skills in computer science and mathematics to meet the modern challenges posed by data science and artificial intelligence (AI). This minor is open from the second year of the bachelor's degree to all students in the Faculty of Science who wish to add a data and AI focus to their course (Chemistry, EEA (Electronics, Electrical Energy, Automation), Mechanics, Physics, Earth Sciences and Life Sciences).
The university will be upgrading its four current courses of excellence in Data Science and AI, as well as several mathematics courses, to the Master's level. Additionally, new, cutting-edge courses will be introduced in over a dozen Master's programs across the university's three faculties (Science and Engineering, Arts and Humanities, and Medicine). These courses will be taught using a combination of traditional classroom teaching and innovative co-modal teaching methods.


As part of this program, the university also offers grants for internships and mobility opportunities, which are open to all students from the faculties of Arts and Humanities, Medicine, Science and Engineering. Further information will be provided soon.

More information to come

Training for professionals

There will be a four-fold increase in training activities for professionals, with the support of the company Datacraft and several trade unions, aimed at promoting AI in companies and public organisations.
Diploma Programs

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (MLIA)

Financial Engineering, Modeling, Simulation and Data Analytics

Short Programs

Deep Learning in Practice

Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning - Concepts and Implementation

Hybrid Machine Learning Program (in partnership with Openclassrooms)

Acculturation to AI (in partnership with Datacraft)

More details here


For any question, contact Agnès Dudych, project manager for SORBONNE.AI

This project has received funding from the Agence Nationale de la Recherche’s France 2030 programme under the grant reference ANR-22-CMAS-006.