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In a national and international context of competition in artificial intelligence, SCAI brings together, a strategic range of disciplines of modern artificial intelligence in a single location at the heart of Paris.
The ambition of SCAI is to contribute significantly to the excellence of interdisciplinary research and education in artificial intelligence by promoting exchanges between researchers, teachers, students and industry.
Its mission is to become the showcase of Sorbonne University’s know-how in the field of AI and to be a gateway for both academic and industrial partners. This project is supported by a dynamic community of leading researchers from Sorbonne University and its partners, all mobilized to ensure its success. In a nutshell, SCAI’s goal is to create a large unified research and teaching center entirely devoted to AI in all its diversity, ready to meet the scientific challenges of tomorrow.

SCAI promotes the development of interdisciplinary research projects focused on AI, in a dynamic and attractive environment. SCAI works in close connection with public and private partners on innovative and disruptive AI and data science research programs.

Mathematics, Computer Science & Robotics

Machine learning, and in particular deep learning, is transforming AI by enhancing systems capable of performing complex tasks with much greater accuracy than ever before.

Whether it is decision support, complexity analysis, human-machine interactions or intelligent agents, modern AI now extends much further.

The challenges in designing, analyzing and understanding disruptive algorithms based on state-of-the-art mathematics, computing and robotics are immense.

Health & Medicine

The stakes are higher than ever to preserve health and autonomy in a context of an aging population.

Moreover, preserving the confidentiality of personal data and controlling costs have become essential.

By allowing a more predictive, preventive and participative medicine, AI can both improve the performance of the healthcare system while contributing to the development of more personalized medicine.

Climate, Environment & the Universe

The recent development of tools to observe and numerically model our environment & the Universe have generated considerable amounts of multi-source data.

This unexpected wealth of new information provides researchers and engineers with unprecedented volumes of raw data that requires a paradigm shift in methods to be properly analyzed and exploited.

The contribution of AI techniques to the sciences of climate, environment and the Universe is therefore essential to implement ambitious scientific objectives and to prepare the research of tomorrow.

Digital Humanities

AI has made striking developments in modeling complex phenomena inherent to human cultural productions (such as pictorial, textual, sonic, oral, or architectural).

Indeed, digital humanities require an innovative approach to tackle large programs and datasets ranging from music to archaeology.

Digital humanities are fundamentally transdisciplinary by nature, at the crossroads of computer science, signal processing, mathematics, the arts, human and social sciences with numerical and digital data that may be analyzed using multiple new AI techniques.

Missions & Actions

SCAI has a double ambition in both ​research and training

It aims to coordinate, host and expand the rich multidisciplinary research in AI at Sorbonne University.

To do so, SCAI offers transversal actions:

Chairs of excellence

Interdisciplinary projects

Collaborative responses to scientific calls

Industrial partnerships

Funding opportunities

Doctoral programs

Scientific events

Innovative training programs



SCAI Director

Pr Gérard Biau

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Dr Xavier Fresquet

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